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Fighting against  wildlife trafficking

I came upon  this charity by chance when Chris Shepherd bought a print of this drawing.  He told me that with one look at 'Best Friends' he was reminded why he had devoted his life to trying to end the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade... so we got talking and having heard what he and his team are doing, I had to do my bit to help.  

I am donating 40% of the proceeds of this ORIGINAL artwork to Monitor. Please contact me for enquiries

Best Freinds in situ 1.jpg
Best Friends 150 15 x 10.jpg


Wildlife is traded in vast quantities around the world, both legally and illegally. In combination, illegal wildlife trade, from ground-level poaching to middle and high-level trafficking, and technically legal yet unsustainable wildlife trade, pose great threat to the survival of many species across the globe. Amplified by threats such as habitat loss and climate change, the list of species being pushed towards extinction is long and rapidly expanding. Larger conservation initiatives often take the flagship approach and focus on iconic species. While this approach has its merits, especially for habitat conservation, it often neglects less-iconic species groups. 


Monitor Conservation Research Society (Monitor) fills a niche in tackling illegal and unsustainable trade, especially for lesser known species and issues in the realm of highly-organised wildlife crime networks.


Monitor comprises a small team of dedicated experts with decades of experience and is focused on enhancing the implementation, enforcement and ultimately the effectiveness of conventions regulating international trade in wildlife. We investigate illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade trends at national and international levels, advise policy and conservation interventions, and create and raise consumer awareness and public concern. To advocate for positive conservation measures, we publicise our findings which include scientific-based recommendations to address the identified gaps and issues.


Solid conservation evidence is crucial in ensuring policies and practices do not contradict conservation goals, and we believe Monitor bridges this gaps.

We believe we can make a difference.

Please do take a few minutes to see what they do  Home - Monitor (

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