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Current and Past
Contributions to Conservation

Please see below for current conservation donations

Art in whatever form it takes, has the ability to transport it’s admirers to places of reverie, provoke emotions and perhaps even the power to change people’s hearts and minds and it has long been my wish, as an artist, to bring the wild into people’s homes so that they can feel it, breathe it and be stirred by its beauty. 

But an artist can only be inspired by what they in turn see and feel around them …  tragically however, the natural world is being systematically devastated, and the state of its demise has never been more critical: the loss of biodiversity is, I believe, the single greatest threat to its continued existence.  It has never been more important to me that my art has impact - not only on a subliminal level, but in a tangible way that actively helps fund the ‘boots on the ground’ fighting for our planet’s survival.  For this reason, I am donating proceeds from my work to myriad conservation efforts around the globe, and using this symbiotic relationship to contribute towards a positive change.

Below are some of the charities I am currently helping raise funds for. 


Past contributions include an original drawing to Explorers Against Extinction, a limited edition print to Save the Waterberg Rhinotwo prints to Painted Dog Conservation and proceeds from the sale of cards to the RSPB


wild dogs new.jpg

VFAPU - Anti-Poaching


Wild Camels with WCPF
as seen on Perfect Planet

King of the Gobi - Wild Camel

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Lewa Conservancy

Waiwai and Delia

MONITOR - Wildlife Trade

Best Friends CMYK 150.jpg

Ol Pejeta & Helping Rhinos

Stand By Me - zebras
I Dare You - Cheetah
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