Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I truly hope that the world over begins to see the back of Covid, that we can see our friends and family and start to piece the world back together, reflectively, responsibly and in a more sustainable way...

As for me, this year will start by finishing this lovely Mum and calf black rhino drawing. The mother is Waiwai from Lewa in Kenya, where she has 62,000 hectares to roam with her calf. She has, it is believed, one of - if not the - biggest horn in Africa. This is more than likely because of Lewa's stunning success with their anti poaching record, which I am happy to say was at only 1% in 2019! I could wax lyrical about Lewa, who do phenomenal work all round, but I am a bit pushed for time! .. but this link will take you directly to the page that tells you all about the amazing work they do , please do take a look.

Right back to the grass and Happy New Year! x

I shall post the full colour picture on completion :)


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