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Signed Limited Edition Prints of Cheetah drawing now ready.

I have been a little slow getting this off the ground, but I would like to give you the first chance to purchase one of 100 signed Limited Edition prints of 'I Dare You' which are now available (I have had many enquiries about the original, but I am afraid it is sold). I have to say that this reclining feline, with his a twitching tale and challenging glare really is quite lovely, and I will in fact be framing one for myself! ;0)

10% of the proceeds will be going to the Cheetah Conservation Fund which you can read more about on my conservation page or even better, do go directly to their page and read about the amazing work they do.

Reclining Cheetah with twitching tale  - not amused!


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Thank you, love it Charlie. Will PM you tomorrow.

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Thanks so much Tim 😊

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