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Wild Camels on Perfect Planet tonight at 8pm and on iplayer!

It was a wonderful way to wake up this morning - I have a passion for camels as some of you might know and have been supporting the Wild Camel Protection Foundation. Finally they are getting the recognition they deserve, with the BBC's Perfect Planet showing them TONIGHT at 8pm. There is also a wonderful piece in the Sunday Telegraph today, Matthew Paris was effusive about them on Radio 4 this morning, they will be on BBC breakfast tomorrow, live at 9.05 with Kate Humble and they will feature on BBC SE tomorrow evening at 1830! Please do watch, listen in, or enjoy the read and see just why these amazing mammals are so rare, unique and special - they are no ordinary camel and the facts about them are astonishing! If you would like to help save the last 1000 from extinction , the WCPF are urgently trying to raise funds for a 2nd breeding centre which is desperately needed. Prints of my camel drawing and the original (I am donating all proceeds to the WCPF) can be bought, or a donation made via or follow the camel print link on my home .

If you wish to listen - it is 52 mins and 20 seconds in.


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