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93w x 87h cm unframed

121w x 115h cm framed

Polychromos colour pencil


A beautiful Alaskan brown bear studiously trying to catch his supper.


I was drawn to this image by Tom Ingram who has kindly let me use it as a reference photo because I just didnt want anything typical.  The look in his eye, had he spotted a bigger bear approaching, a challenge coming his way, or another bear with a bigger fish, pondering whether it was wise to move locations? I also liked the eager standing pose, but the empty hands, showing the effort needed to catch his supper.  The action of the water and the drips all adding to the story and the action.


As ever 10% of the proceeds will go to conservation efforts.  Usually I like to find a charity that helps protect the particular animal and I have donated 5 prints to Remembering Wildlife and their new book Remembering Bears,  but in addtion, in this case, as Alaskan brown bears, are not too badly off at the moment - though there is a threat from Pebble Mine which could have a huge detrimental effect on the fishing bears and all surrounding ecology, but not as yet - I have decided to donate the money to a personal pledge to Soysamby Conservancy, to raise enough money to buy them a drone and other essential conservation equipment.  

The Waiting Game - Original - SOLD

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